Steralia™ medical paper for sterilization pouches

Steralia™ medical paper for sterilization pouches

Steralia TM is an extremely efficient bacterial-barrier paper specially developed for medical pouches. It delivers exceptional performance during converting, sealing and sterilisation process of medical devices, working perfectly with the most common sterilisation methods.

Paper selected for such Sterile Barrier Systems plays a critical role in infection prevention. Made of virgin fibres, Steralia TM acts as a filter to form an extremely efficient bacterial barrier and enables to keep medical devices perfectly sterile until opening. It is perfectly compatible with the most common sterilisation methods such as steam, hot air, Eo-Gas, FORM-Gas and gamma irradiation.

Steralia TM is extremely easy to seal and peel. Its excellent cold or heat sealing properties enable easy manufacturing of medical pouches, whether for Paper/Paper or Paper/film packaging while its good peeling aptitudes make the pouch easy to open. Same smoothness on both sides helps as well to run the paper more efficiently on converting machines.

Available in 60 and 70 g/m², this uncoated paper delivers good results in flexo printing, lacquering and coating, enabling a perfect identification of the sterilisation method used. Last but not least, high patient safety is guaranteed as no loose fibre comes from the paper after opening of the medical pouch. Steralia TM complies with DIN EN ISO 11607-1 and DIN EN 868-3 & 6 standards.

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