Vegetable oil

Flawless papers for faultless oil bottle labels

Main applications:

Key benefits of our specialty papers for vegetable oil bottle labels:

  • Excellent and long lasting grease resistance
  • Superior whiteness and visual aspect
  • Easy printing with an outstanding surface quality, very low curl and high stiffness
  • High specialisation for both Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and Wet-Glue labels

To create superior brand recognition, nothing should be overlooked. As an expert in specialty papers, Munksjö has developed innovative greaseproof substrates that provide high gloss and high quality printing results.

For vegetable oil bottles, Munksjö offers the ideal base papers to meet the most demanding requirements of this high-end labelling market, at all steps of the value chain: lamination, printing, labelling until end-use.

AdercoteTM GP is a facestock paper developed for self-adhesive labels while Go-PrintTM GP is dedicated to wet-glue labelling applications.

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