Cooperation with Hand in Hand Sweden

Munksjö has together with the Eva Ahlström Foundation begun a cooperation with Hand in Hand Sweden. By a donation to Hand in Hand, we support a village in the state of Odisha, India. It is a two year long project and the purpose is to fight poverty by creating work for women, abolishing child labour, investing in health care, raising IT-knowledge and increasing environmental awareness in the village. It is with great interest we will follow the development of the village during the coming two years.



About Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand fights poverty through education and entrepreneurship. The organisation’s working method is to help people to self-help by educating and training women in entrepreneurship and then help the women to start businesses of their own. Thanks to their business the women are able to essentially increase the income of the family, which means that the family members can eat better, live better and afford vital medicines if necessary. In addition the parents can afford to let their children go to school. Hand in Hand’s way to work is based on ideas from the business world which have been developed to an efficient model for creating new jobs among those most in need.

Please read more about the important work of Hand In Hand and HiH India

The Eva Ahlström Foundation is the Ahlström industrial family’s foundation, working for underprivileged women and children. Please read more about the foundation.