About Munksjö

Munksjö Group is an international specialty paper company. We produce select specialty papers, which are central elements in the design and manufacturing processes for our customers. Our unique product offering includes for examples decor paper, release paper, electrotechnical paper, abrasive backings, graphic and industrial paper and interleaving paper. The different types of paper are used in several industrial applications and consumer driven products, including those within the furniture and interior design industry and they are also used to develop a more sustainable system for energy distribution.

  • Munksjö Oyj is listed on NASDAQ Helsinki and Stockholm.
  • Net sales were EUR 1,142.9 (1,130.7) million (2016).
  • Munksjö is one of the world’s largest specialty paper companies with 15 production facilities, approximately 2,900 employees,and a global service organisation.
  • The Group has a strong position in specialty papers and is among the market leaders within several attractive product segments.