An organisation known for learning, sharing and innovating

In Munksjö’s long-term strategy, technical development of Munksjö’s products and production facilities is a high priority. In order to drive the progress of technical development, our employees must be among the very best. Without our dedicated and skilled employees our company would not exist. They are the heart and soul of our company.

Skills development is an increasingly important competitive advantage, making an active knowledge process essential for high quality customer-oriented organization with decentralized decision-making. An on-going training program helps employees to feel involved and motivated to take responsibility for their duties.

Since the employees in Munksjö represent many countries and business cultures, our capability of responding to challenges and new market demands is greater than if we all had the same background and experiences.

Being a diversified company makes us stronger when we use our knowledge in a collaborative way internally. We share locally developed insights and expertise and leverage them into global advantages.

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