Jönköping, Sweden


Mill manager: Martin Lundqvist
Electrotechnical paper
Paper machines: 1
Employees (FTE’s): 106

The paper mill was founded in 1862 and here is where the Munksjö history begins. The first commercial delivery of insulating paper was in 1909 but with continuous improvement, cellulose papers impregnated in oil makes outstanding insulation for high voltage applications. Grids up to 1200 kVolts are designed exclusively with paper insulated components. Specialty papers for more efficient distribution and utilisation of electricity is an important part of a sustainable energy supply system.

Munksjö Jönköping is certified within the following management systems.

Munksjö Paper AB
Box 624
551 18 Jönköping, Sweden

T: +46 36 30 33 00
F: +46 36 30 33 80

Visiting address:
Barnarpsgatan 41, 555 33 Jönköping

In order to give maximal service on an expanding remote market, Munksjö has since 2006 a converting-plant outside Shanghai in China.

Taicang, China


Mill manager: Zimn Leng
Paper converting
Employees (FTE’s): 9

Munksjö Paper (Taicang) Co. Ltd
No. 90, Fada Rd, Taicang Economic Development Area
TAICANG 215 413
Jiangsu Prov.
P.R China

T::+86-512-539 866 18
F:+86-512-539 866 98