Decor paper

Surface Upgrading of Wood Based Panels

Decor papers are specialty papers used to upgrade the surface of wood-based panels. They are technically advanced and highly engineered products that provide an excellent surface for decorative printing and resin saturation for use in the production of furniture, laminate flooring and other interior and exterior architectural panels.

In the downstream processing, a major share of decor paper is printed with designs – e.g. wood grain, stone or abstract patterns. The printed or solid color decor papers are impregnated with melamine, polyester or a mixture of urea and melamine resin and laminated onto a wood based substrate such as particle board or MDF.


  • Surface upgrading of wood-based panels and wood composites
  • Carrier of prints
  • Carrier of resins


  • Design variation based on printability
  • Low material cost per unit area
  • Cost-efficient industrial processing
  • Excellent properties in use
    –  Mechanical and physical: resistant to scratches, abrasion, heat and light
    –  Chemical: resistant to staining and chemical corrosion
  • Environmentally friendly production and processes
  • Made-to-measure production
  • Global acceptance