MetalkoteTM: reliable base paper for metallizing with excellent performance at every step

For over 20 years, Munksjö has worked closely with metallizers, printers and brewers to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs. The result? Premium labels with remarkable shine and impeccable finish, that really stand out on the shelves.

Discover MetalkoteTM, our full range of base papers for wet-glue labelling, whether for one-way or returnable beer bottle labels.

Metalkote papers for metallised beer labels (pdf)

metalkotemetallizedbeerlabelpapersEnd-use applications include:

  • Metallized labels for one-way beer bottles
  • Metallized labels for returnable beer bottles


Key benefits of our MetalkoteTM base paper for beer labelling include:

For metallizers:

  • Optimised varnish consumption
  • Outstanding gloss
  • Longest shelf-life
  • Maximized metallizing speed
  • Excellent embossing capacity

For printers:

  • Maximised offset printing speed
  • Excellent die-cutting
  • High quality offset printing
  • Compatible with gravure printing
  • Same grade for neck, body and back labels

For brewers:

  • Fast labelling speed
  • Fast label pick-up
  • Fast and cost-efficient cleaning
  • Minimized adhesive use

Once metallized, a reliable base paper for labels must perform at every step of the value chain. MetalkoteTM base papers offers the best balance of technical features to ensure maximum efficiency during printing, die-cutting, labelling, and – for returnable bottles – during the wash-off process too.

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