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European Decor Paper Producers Support EU Anti-Dumping Investigation into Chinese Imports

14. June 2024

Munksjö Paper AB and other European decor paper manufacturers have expressed their support for the European Commission’s recent decision to initiate an anti-dumping investigation into Chinese decor paper imports.

The investigation began today and was prompted by a joint complaint filed by Munksjö and three other major European decor paper producers. We strongly believe that this measure is essential to prevent further harm to the European decor paper industry and to maintain fair and healthy competition within the European market.

The complaint highlights the negative impact of economic distortions in China, which allow Chinese producers to sell decor paper in the EU at unfairly low prices, causing significant damage to the European industry. The complaint emphasizes the urgent need for anti-dumping duties to ensure a level playing field for all industry players.

Munksjö advocates for targeted trade defense measures to protect European industries, ensure supply stability, and maintain downstream competitiveness for the benefit of consumers. We will continue to collaborate closely with the European Commission, as we believe this investigation is crucial for securing a fair and competitive trade environment for the decor paper industry in Europe.

About Munksjö

Munksjö is a leading international manufacturer of decor paper solutions for the surface upgrading of wood-based panels. Our purpose is to contribute to making sustainable living spaces accessible to everyone. We offer and develop innovative, tailor-made decor paper solutions, which are further processed and finally used in product applications, ranging from furniture and laminate flooring to other interior and exterior surface materials. With 1200 employees, Munksjö operates at six production sites in five countries: Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, and China. Our annual net sales are about EUR 500 million.

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