Munksjö refurbishes the drying section of its paper machine
in Tolosa plant, supported by FEDER funds

January 26, 2024
We’re thrilled to announce that our plant in Tolosa, Spain – Munksjö Tolosa S.A.U. – has received a grant
of €341,811 from the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), for our project “Rebuild of the Drying
Section PM11”. This project focused on the refurbishment of the drying section at one of our paper machines.
Key highlights include:
• New basement
• New dryers and rollers.
• New drive system
• Improved steam and condensate installation
• Total closure of the hood with improved aerothermal energy
• Significant increase in energy efficiency (~20%)
The assistance received under the Energy Efficiency Actions Program for SMEs and Large Companies in
the Industrial Sector with financial support from the EUROPEAN UNION, has not only provided substantial
aid covering a significant portion of our project investment but has also accelerated its implementation.
This support serves as a motivating force and a crucial catalyst for our operations, reducing costs for our
company and shortening the project’s payback period. We are committed to sustainability, and this project
aligns with our environmental goals.

Innovative decor paper solutions – Made by Munksjö
Munksjö is a leading international manufacturer of decor paper solutions for the surface
upgrading of woodbased panels. Our purpose is to contribute to making sustainable living
spaces accessible to everyone. We offer and develop innovative, tailor-made decor paper
solutions, which are further processed and finally used in product applications, ranging from
furniture and laminate flooring to other interior and exterior surface materials. With 1200
employees, Munksjö operates at six production sites in five countries: Germany, Spain, France,
Brazil, and China. Our annual net sales are about EUR 500 million.
For more information, please contact:
Marion Abeln, Operational Marketing & External Communication Manager
Phone +49 7361 506241
Adriana Cattelani, Brand & Communication Manager
Phone: +55 11 95683 4894
E-mail: adriana.cattelani@munksjo.c